Bring color into you life

In a Beleef je Kleur analysis and insights session,
your skin, hair and eyes are analyzed to determine
the foundation of your unique color palette.
With the use of fabric color collars, you
immediately experience how color can
impact your look. If you have dark hair
and blue-gray eyes, using the color
blue may light up your eyes more or
using deep pink rather than deep red
may flatter your skin tone better.
The result of the analysis show colors
that subconsciously you already
chose, or in most cases, the
outcome actually can come as a
complete surprise. You discover the
colors that really look good on you,
make you feel great and why.

During a
Beleef je Kleur in depth analysis
we go one step deeper. We use separate color
fabric cloths in one single color to explore in detail,
what exact shade of colors suits you best.
For example: the basic analysis has shown that blue is your color, however, would turquoise or indigo be even better?

Your color palette can be reviewed, by analyzing you’re existing wardrobe and accessories and how you can enhance them. This will enable you to create new outfits without necessary buying new clothes.

It is not about contrasting in a
Beleef je Kleur session but about seeking the right balance. You not only receive advice, but also a hand-out and personal color card that you can take with you, as a reference, while shopping for new outfits.

The Beleef je Kleur session is not meant to change who you are. The experience teaches you how colors can be used, to positively impact your life. It will give you an awareness that allows you to recreate the experience yourself.

„The world is beautiful, people are beautiful.
Show your true colors, as they make it beautiful”
Nicole Mochèl, Color & Style consultant