Nicole Mochèl colors your day

After completing my fashion degree, I worked as
a product manager for an international sport and
life style brand. During this time a frequently
traveled to, amongst others, Indonesia,
Bangkok, Portugal, Turkey and Taiwan.
This, togetherwith more then 20 years
of working experience, has allowed
me to develop a strong eye for style,
color and fabrics. I gain my
inspiration from the colorful world
that surrounds us, the people,
the smells and the beautiful views,
I have become convinced that what
you carry with you, literally and
figuratively speaking, impacts what
you bring to the world. If you feel
happy and comfortable with what you
are wearing, then you become more
approachable and tolerant. Color is therefore,
not just color, but it is an emotion, an experience.

As a result of my career and travels, I have grown and found my passion: I want to show others how to find
their strength. Beleef je Kleur is the next logical step in my life, bringing my experience, interests and adventures together as one.

Color consultancy has enabled me to bring creativity back into my life, by working with people, fashion and color. I want to share my enthusiasm and experience on how color can have a positive impact, with others. I want to make your day a true experience by showing you how color can impact your appearance and how you feel. Being aware of your color palette gives you confidence, something we can never have enough of.