Beleef je Kleur = Experience your Color                     DownloadedFile

Does deep blue make your eyes light up? Does wearing
black soothe you and wearing red invigorate you?
Everyone Has their own preferred color palette.
You can feel different from one day to
another and have to face new challenges
or grab oppertunities. How you dress
often influences how you feel.

Beleef je Kleur is a color consultancy
approach that goes beyond just
looking at what colors look good on
you. During a
Beleef je Kleur session
you not only discover what colors
suit you best, but also how to use
colors and other tools to enhance
your existing wardrobe. Experience
how color can positively influence how
you approach life.
in other words;
Live your color and it colors your life!

„Colors have not been given to us
to imitate the nature,
but to use them to express our feelings”

Henri Matisse (1869-1954), artist